Camera Assistant / Operator / Cinematographer


I'm Myles Docherty, Owner of MDCM.

This is my freelance company in which I primarily work as a Camera assistant (2nd AC - Clapper/Loader) and Operator with a range of production companies such as Occult Productions and Recworks through the UK and Europe. 

I went from being a content creator with Universal Music UK, filming different artists all over the country to taking on Trainee roles on narrative films and working as an Assistant camera + operator.   

I work in both Narrative and Commercial projects with a vast skill set and genuine love for film making and the camera department. I work with a range of systems such as RED, SONY ,ARRI ,Black Magic and recently have acquired a ZCAM E2 S6 in house. 

I have had fantastic mentors and Experience since graduating from SAE Institute with a BA/HONS in Digital Film making. My main focus is on training up as a Cinematographer full time, building experience by working as a camera operator and Assistant learning from the DOP'S I work with. 

I also produce videos through MDCM such as The ID2.DIGITAL corporate micro documentary and the Music Video for Faye Fantarrow entitled BOOM (2021). This also gives me the opportunity to help clients develop their ideas and make their projects a reality with my experience and knowledge and has COME in very handy given COVID 19 - Social distancing with smaller crew sizes. 

Please read below for the full list of services I can offer + references from clients and co workers. 


Camera Assistant

  • Full AC Kit inc ClapperBoard, Client/Focus Monitor and Wireless video feed In house
  • Camera builds with clean cable management to suit your project
  • Proffesional manor and outlook
  • Lens and Camera care
  • Shot logging and camera notes
  • + Much more



  • Expereince with Gimbals, Handheld, Shoulder rigs and Tripod
  • Advise on equipment 
  • Expereince with a range of systems such as RED,ARRI,BLACKMAGIC AND SONY 
  • ZCAM E2 S6 In house if required
  • Extensive technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills



  • Storyboards, Lighting plans, equipment sellection, moodboards, colour pallets +more
  • Expereince in narrative and coporate projects
  • No set style, I look at what the project needs for visuls and achive the best quality possible
  • Z CAM E2 S6 In house + own lighting package and large network of freelancers 


Other Services

Dont see something on the list? I offer other services too, such as Photography (Digital and 35mm), Graphic Desighn, VFX ,Editing, Location recce, Directing, Concepting, Procreate logo desighns, Consultation on your project and much much more. 

With a large network of freelancers I can help you make the right connection.